Robert Dash

ROBERT DASH is an educator, photographer and naturalist whose work has been published by National Geographic, TIME, and LensWork, and shown in galleries and juried shows in the US and abroad.

In 2016, he presented a TEDx talk entitled The Intercourse of Nature: It’s What We Are, and in 2017, published his Nautilus Gold Award-winning photography/poetry book, On An Acre Shy of Eternity: Micro Landscapes at the Edge.

A new book, FOOD FOR THOUGHT Micro Views:Threats and Prospects, is currently in development.


An image is a stage, where drama, conflict, tension, metaphor, epiphany, tone, relationship, and psyche play out. Shadows, curves, orifices, spikes, flakes, wisps and convolutions suggest this daily life drama revealed. Our breath, the beats of our heart, the patterns and textures of thought paired with dreams and struggles, are themselves micro-landscapes, with corollary expression in natural forms. Gazing into these images gives me great appreciation for the simple complexity (or complex simplicity) of nature. If I shift my perspective just slightly, however, I find that these images mirror the psychological and spiritual intricacies of my life as well.  —Robert Dash


“Robert Dash’s work celebrates and challenges the concept of scale, broadening small beauties into wide revelations about ecosystems, food systems, and the imperiled futures of both.” —Thor Hanson, author of Buzz, and The Triumph of Seeds


“ fragments of mysterious ecosystems that no one has ever seen... (They) are meaningful, visually poetic observations about how the things we cannot see can show us how our very lives can be under the threat of extinction.” —Lensculture


“An excursion through these photomontages feels as if one might be exploring an intricately curated cabinet of curiosities, each image drawing us into a microscopic world, leaving us wondering what else might lie in the vast, as yet unexplored universe we have wandered into.” —The Passporte Fine Art Digital Space